About Social Dancing

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Social or set dancing as it is also know has become very popular again in recent years – it’s great fun, good exercise and a great way to meet people. The class caters for both experienced dancers and beginners and you can join in at any stage. It is not necessary to have a partner, this is how most people attend the class and change dancing partners during the night which gives you a chance to meet lots of new people.

Who does this kind of dancing?

One of the best forms of social dancing, set dancing is done by all age groups. When at one of the festival dances it is normal to see a mix of all ages dancing on the floor having a great time together.

Beginners and experienced dancers are welcome at any time.

It is not necessary to book in advance, just come along. 

If you are within reach of one of our classes, whether you live permanently here, or are visiting from abroad, you are very welcome to join us and we guarantee a good night.

Each class begins between 7.30 – 8pm and typically runs as follows:

  • During the first half of the night, we teach a set from scratch, starting with the basics. No prior knowledge of dance is assumed or expected. This part of the night is particularly suitable for people who are new to set dancing
  • At around 9 pm, we take a break
  • After the break, we dance through one, two or maybe even three sets that we have covered previously in class. This gives the “regulars” a chance to put into practice some of the dances that have previously been taught. Newcomers have the option of joining in, which we recommend, or sitting out some or all of the second half. We encourage everyone to get on the floor for the full night, but we don’t force anyone to do so. The emphasis is primarily on having a bit of fun and no one takes it in any way seriously if something goes astray.

Clothing and Shoes:

No special clothing is required, just wear whatever you are comfortable in. Although hard-soled shoes are easiest to dance in, your choice of footwear is totally up to you. You don’t need special shoes.

New dancers are welcome at any time. We start a new set from scratch every week, so newcomers are not at any disadvantage. While of course, we’d love if you could attend every class, we realise that this is not always possible. You are always welcome to join us whenever you are available, whether you are an experienced or inexperienced dancer, even if it is only for a single night.

So come along and try it for a night, like most of the people who have been dancing for years you will wish you started it sooner!

Weekly Dancing

Every Monday and Wednesday Evening

Monday @ 8pm  The Quiet Man Pub, (271 Racecourse Road, Flemington)


Wednesday @ 7.30pm  St Philip’s Anglican Church Hall next to Collingwood Town Hall, a short 5 minute walk from Collingwood railway station.(146 Hoddle St, Collingwood)


Any Questions :

Email: contact@setdancers.com

Telephone: 0401 623 325